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Whole Bean Coffee Working extra hard to put whole bean flavour in every cup. Available Now! Summer Blowout Enjoy from a selection of some of our products. Only while inventory lasts! Get yours here. Club Coffee! Check them out. Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules. Light Roasts.

We think you'll be glad you tried the Donut House coffees. Buy Coffee Canada. All K-Cups sold by the case only Can't be combined with other products on the website. Van Voutte is sometimes misspelle as Van Houette. Green Mountain Coffee The definitive leader in the single serve coffee market, Green Mountain K-Cups offer the most variety - whether you're looking for regular coffee, flavoured coffee or tea. Timothys Coffee Timothy's coffee has packaged their coffee into convenient Timothy's K-Cups for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

Green Mountain Apple Cider 96 ct. Barista Prima Colombian 96 Ct. Barista Prima French Roast 96 Ct. Barista Prima House Blend 96 Ct. Barista Prima Italian Roast 96 Ct. Bigelow Tea Earl Grey 96 Ct. Bigelow Tea English Breakfast 96 Ct. Bigelow Tea Green 96 Ct. Coffee People Black Tiger 96 ct.


Coffee People Donut Shop 96 ct. Coffee People Jet Fuel 96 ct. Emerils Big Easy Bold 96 ct.

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Emerils Jazzed Up Decaf 96 ct. Green Mountain Dark Magic 96 ct. Green Mountain Golden French Toast 96 ct. Green Mountain Nantucket Blend 96 ct. Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend 96 ct. Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry 96 ct. Grove Square Cappuccino Caramel 96 Ct. Grove Square Cappuccino Hazelnut 96 Ct. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Smooth 96 Ct.

Laura Secord Hot Chocolate 96 Ct. This coffee is truly an anomaly. Really, this is coffee you can enjoy like no other.

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We're not confused about that at all. But, we're a little stunned that it doesn't carry the same bitterness as other coffees of this calibre. We're also a little amazed that you can get something so close to a balanced cup from a K-cup. Nevertheless, you can. And we're excited about that, but it could just be our coffee-hungry tastebuds because there are those that find this coffee too strong.

And, we'd love it if the price came down a little. But otherwise, this really is a winner that just about everyone should have on hand. Refund offered if you don't love it, packaging makes for consistently fresh pods, and expect strong, powerful coffee every single time.

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They're also certified USDA organic from fair trade coffee farms. That makes a big difference for some people. If you're not someone who cares too much about recyclable K-cups and the like, you'll probably be swayed by the way these taste.

Each cup is deliciously rich and full of flavor, though there is a little bitterness. That's likely due to the use of Robusta beans rather than Arabica, but that's also where the jolt comes from.

Now, these are packaged a little differently - and the result appears to be fresher, more consistent coffee. But all of this combined means these are some of the most expensive k-cups you're going to get. You'll get them anyway.


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We chose this one as our top choice because it's always consistent - and it's neither too strong nor too weak for the majority of coffee drinkers. If you need something really bold, however, this one really isn't the one for you. There is also an extra-bold version. K-Cups are ideal for those who want quick, no-fuss coffee. Whether you want a simple Americano brew or you're looking for something more complex flavored, latte, cappuccino, espresso , the pods provide you with a one-touch customized brew.

Use your own grounds. Reusable K-Cups are a gift from the coffee gods!

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They're only compatible with the original Keurig machines though this YouTube tutorial will show you how to reuse a K-Cup with a 2. You can use an extra-strength ground to make your coffee delicious as well as quick-brewed. The finer the ground, the stronger the flavor. Only brew dark and bold roasts.

Any light roasts will turn out like brown, barely-flavored water rather than coffee even worse than diner coffee! If you want coffee that actually tastes like it should, you'll need to brew only dark and extra-bold roasts. Clean the machine. Over time, bacteria can build up in the coffee machine and alter the flavor. To prevent that, run a cup of white vinegar through the coffee maker once every couple of months.

Follow that up with a cup or two of fresh water to rinse it out, and you're ready to brew with a beautifully clean machine.