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I schedulled a service for my wifes Mini Countryman at this service department and after waiting a week for the service date and driving an hour to the dealiership, taking an Uber to work and an Uber back that afternoon, I found they had not even taken a real look at my wifes car.

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I was asked what The issue was when I dropped off the car that morning and the paperwork I received showed my words verbatim as the issue. There was no documentation showing any notations from a service maninics inspection of the car. I could also tell by the dust covering bolts that would require removal to access the area that it had not actually been looked at. The most they may have done would be to have hooked it up to a computer and create a readout of issues with the car but I was not presented even with that.

At the end of the day they wanted me to spend money on a very expensive repair that was not required and had reciently been done elsewhere. My overall feeling is that this service department is not ran with a customer first mentality but instead a cash first mentality.

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My suggestion for others is to steer clear of this service department and instead spend your money with a shop that has experience with Mini Coopers. Your results will be much better. Eggregiously bad customer service, understaffed, overworked - JJJJ. Shane Bogardes was an excellent sales rep and provided a great experience a year ago. After that, nothing but incompetence, slick-talking finance guys, and a culture of understaffing and overworking, leading to egregiously bad customer service and consistent mistakes by their collision center staff.

Most recent experience below. After my original call 5 weeks ago in response to a recall notice, during which I was told someone from AutoNation Chevy would call me to set up an appointment, I didn't hear anything for a week. So I called and left messages and voicemails to follow up, including with the department manager. When I finally got my car in there, it then took 4 days for anyone to return my call to give me an update.

That 4th day, it took me calling 3 times to get a response. Should I rent a car? Is there a major problem? I had no idea and was Uber-ing around town. One guy told me he worked from 7am-7pm every day. When I suggested they hire more people, he said they were fully staffed. It's obvious that this place is understaffed and overworked. The lack of customer service, follow-up, and attention to detail across the department clearly demonstrates poor management, and inability to prioritize customer needs and the overall customer experience.

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Ultimately, someone named Tony took over my issue, communicated with me clearly, got my car serviced immediately, and even gave me a free coolant flush because the coolant problem stemmed from an error of theirs the last time I had work done -- an error caused by understaffed and overworked employees making mistakes. So I did leave there feeling better, and I do appreciate Tony. But unfortunately, it was too little too late.

While my car purchasing experience was great at AutoNation Chevy, every single interaction since then has been terrible, from their attempt to rip me off on an extended warrantee, to taking over a month to repair a minor fender bender and returning the car with a new windshield rock chip and active error codes, to charging me for a repair that was likely caused by their collision center's shoddy work, to now taking a month to respond to me to get my car in for a recall fix. How is this place still in business?

I'll be going elsewhere from now on, and I'm also now not surprised that the Volt didn't bring new people into the Chevy brand like they were expecting. AutoNation should be embarrassed by this and should hire more people so they can provide at least decent service. They will do everything possible, including lie, to void your warranty and stick you with a big bill.

Very disappointed in their customer service, this will be the last VW I own. Horrible service department - Neveragain. Why would i have a 12 hr old full synthetic oil replaced with blend? When asked to refund un approved cost, they act like they were doing me a favor!!!! Service department not customer friendly - kristinashellhorn. We went into this dealership to get an oil change. Upon arriving we stood in front of the customer service desk for almost 5 minutes not being acknowledged by the 2 gentlemen.


Finally a lady approached and sat in her chair. My husband initiated the conversation and said can you help me she did reply yes. As my husband looked over the older gentleman in this department glared at him. So not a great first impression. Once our car was done she grabbed the paperwork from the mechanic. She then sat down and started texting before finishing our paperwork.


Once she decided to do our paperwork we were sent over to the cashier. When we tried to pay we couldn't pay with cash unless we had the exact amount because the cash was in the bosses office locked up. She then was telling us how he had just had a new baby; and that is great however this isn't nothing more than an excuse after already having bad customer service.

Im sure someone coyld have called him since most people have a cell phone to make this happen. It wasn't really early that we were there either. They open at 7 and we were trying to pay at 11am.

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Will not return to this location ever. Would drive an hour further for better customer service.

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Took my 99 VW rialto to automax VW because I wanted to make sure this got done even though I would spend more money to get it fixed. They would not fix it just replace the whole unit but they no longer make them. Heater not working. You tube videos show that the foam is from the blender doors which is a rectangular piece of metal with a lot of quarter sized holes like Swiss cheese. I explained all this to the service writer.

They then said the coolant hose is leaking and needs to be replaced which is why I have no heat. I reminded them about what I pointed out before and they said it was the hose. Although I was not low on coolant before I took it to them and have never noticed a leak, I let them change it and it did not fix the heat problem. Not once would they attempt to remedy the issues without just replacing the whole unit.

They make less money if they had done what I asked and they would also be known as a repair facility that bends over backwards for the customer to get their vehicle back on the road whether it be conventionally or unconventionally and what hurts the costumers pocketbook the least. All that money spent knowing what was wrong and how to fix it and my vehicle is still not repaired. I will go to the place I have always gone from now on for all my repair needs since in the past they always did what they could to get me back on the road even if it was a temp fix with the understanding of no warranty.

I gave 1 star because I could not give any less in this review. I bought a car from these folks, was promised two free oil changes. Took car in for second oil change and was told I had a time limit on getting those two oil changes. Checked my paperwork from the sale and did not see any time or mileage limit on the two free oil changes. Wrote to the general manager Cory Covert, who never responded to my message.

I have purchased 3 vehicles from these people over the last 7 years and this is how they treat their better regular customers. Take this to heart as this is how they will likely treat you after you buy a car from them. Oh, and their service is very slow and their people do not communicate very well either, so take your car for service elsewhere as it will be faster, cheaper, and someone will actually give a crap if you are a customer!

Eorst Experience Ever - jessel. I had to get my car owed to a Walmart at pm at night as I was 60 miles from home and my Girlfriend and I were stuck at Walmart for 8 hours until the Automotive Department opened. I got the tire replaced and drove to Cleo Bay in Killeen to get reimbursed for the towing s it was their fault I had to get the car towed since they were negligent in not replace the locking lug nut on the spare tire and they refused to take responsibility for their mistake and basically told me to go ahead and take them to court if I wanted them to pay fir their negligent error.

I am looking into legal action as I am out Bad bad service experience. Had to take truck in four times for the same problem. Running boards will not come down. Expensive truck. Waste of time having to constantly come back to dealer. Bad business - Ratter. I did not have them do the repair.

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Because they do not stand behind their work. They also wanted Terrible - Tringttx. Called for the cost of labor on a Egr valve replacement. Was given a price for repair. Made the appointment. Price was nearly twice as much and valve was four times the cost of the same egr valve at the local auto parts stores.