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Both compact cars and midsized cars saw the steepest discounts in November. For the month, discounts squeaked over 7 percent, and they centered on mainstream cars that people need to commute. Perhaps nobody wants to trust their old beater to get them to work through one more winter. Most SUVs see their biggest discounts in December.

December is a logical time to look for discounts on popular models, because automaker and dealer sales incentives converge for the quarter and the year. If a dealership is on the cusp of getting a big annual sales bonus on top of a big quarterly bonus, it's in their interest to move the last several cars before they reach that goal at rock-bottom prices.


How to get a good deal on a car in the summer

Popular midsize and luxury midsize SUVs benefit from that trend. New Year's Eve has long been the most likely target to get a great deal on a new car. Monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals all converge, giving dealerships and their sales people the biggest financial bonuses for selling more vehicles.

The more they sell, the more they make, and those bonuses can more than offset any discount they give you on a single car. These monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals can add up to big savings of 8. Even December 29th and 30th offered huge average discounts of 7.

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Need more evidence? The next biggest discounts of the year came at the end of July 8. Those are the months when automakers change the bulk of their models over from one model-year designation to the next. However, there was one day in that beat all these dates. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy. While the new model year traditionally starts in October, many brands release new models throughout the year. By late summer, manufacturers are ready to clear out their models in advance of the arrivals — and are willing to offer discounts and incentives on vehicles to make this happen.

Buying or leasing in August allows you to take advantage of these specials while there is still decent availability of popular models.

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As always, Cartelligent can help you take advantage of all manufacturers' incentives to ensure you get a great deal on your new car. The majority of the new models are not in dealerships by August, but the window for special orders is often open.

If you have your heart set on being the first on the block to drive the latest model, placing your order in August can be critical to making that happen. Special ordering allows you to customize your new car exactly the way you want, choosing the colors and options you want without paying for additional features you don't need.

Your Cartelligent agent can help you place your special order and get you a fantastic price on your new car. So Ford is backing lease deals on model Escapes that have been in dealer inventory for more than 60 days. This is a deal for returning Ford lessees, but if you're already working with a Ford dealer, it's a solid deal that works out to only about 30 cents a mile for 21, miles. Similar deals are available in other locations, but the Michiganders get the choicest morsel. The offer ends October It's a three-year, 36, mile agreement, which works out to about 30 cents a mile.

Keen negotiators will keep this in mind when seeking a no-money-down lease anywhere in the country. Toyota's deal runs through November 4.

Best Time to Buy a Car in (Exact dates for max deals)

Returning lessees get the best deals, but with three years and 36, miles, this one works out to only 29 cents per mile. That's a sweetheart deal on a sweetheart crossover. This one expires October Big pickups are great, but they suck up fuel and are tough to park. For personal use, the mid-size trucks are a more livable alternative. Of the manufacturers offering trucks in this general size category, only one doesn't seem to be advertising any offers: Honda, with the Ridgeline. There are rumors of a new Nissan Frontier on its way for But it's not here yet, so what's on dealer lots now is essentially the same as the truck Nissan was selling during George W.

Just imagine: you could be driving a machine that was introduced three years before the iPhone. But the Frontier is made in Tennessee and keenly priced. And all crew-cab versions come with a standard 4.

Best time to buy a car in 12222 (plus the EXACT dates for max deals)

So that's kind of cool. The lease runs 36 months and 36, miles, but watch out for charges that come at the end of the lease.

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That's 32 cents per mile, until October The Toyota Tacoma's great advantage has always been its reputation for quality. But how much does that matter on a lease that only lasts three years and a mere 30, miles?